Robert R. Surgenor Sr.
President, Gun Owners Legal Defense Network
Cleveland, Ohio

Iím a retired police detective from Ohio who has two sons that live in west Texas. I have had the pleasure of visiting West Texas CHL, and am extremely impressed with the facilities. The classroom is spacious and has a cheerful atmosphere. Itís close proximity to the range makes the classes extremely easy to navigate.

As a former cop, am a real stickler for range safety, and would have to say that Jason conducts one of the safest procedures I have seen. Jason has the savvy and the instincts to operate his firing range with safety being the utmost priority.

I also operate a corporation that deals with gun instructors all over the country. I have visited many concealed carry classes and firing range instruction. The people in west Texas are fortunate to have an instructor of Jasonís caliber in their area. In comparing instructors in west Texas, it would be worth the effort to drive a little bit further to attend Jasonís classes.

I would rate Jasonís business with an A. His passion is to make sure every person who wants to carry a firearm is able to do so safely and without fear. Keep up the great work Jason!

Holly Binkley
Odessa, Texas

I have taken Jason Cox's concealed handgun licensing course twice. On both instances I found the course informative, exciting and entertaining. There are many instructors in west Texas to choose from but I will only use and recommend Mr. Cox at West Texas CHL.

Scott Rogers
Midland, Texas

I am like many of you who will read this, I'm a husband, father and small business owner in Midland, Tx. I, like many of you have contemplated whether to become a licensed Concealed Handgun carrier for quite some time. With the world we live in today, I finally decided to "pull the trigger" (sorry for the pun)and signed up for Defensive Handgun I (DH1) and the TLC course. I was fairly comfortable using a handgun, but my wife, two sons (24 & 20)and daughter (18)were not. If you have not had training with a handgun, I highly recommend taking the DH1 course with Jason Cox. Jason was very patient and thorough in teaching gun safety, range safety, proper use of the firearm, etc. All five of us took the course and by the end of the day, I was very comfortable with my family's ability to handle themselves if they needed to. We had a great time and I found out my wife and kids can shoot!

The following week, my wife, boys and I took CHL (TLC) course. We had a great time again, Jason did an excellent job teaching the course and preparing us to pass the written exam and required range test. Btw, the DH1 course does a great job of preparing you for the range test to get your Concealed license. If you are law abiding citizen concerned about keeping your family safe and considering getting your license, I highly recommend you contact Jason Cox and get it done. We live in a crazy world, we need to prepare our families to protect themselves. We need more law abiding citizens to be prepared to defend ourselves and innocent others. Author Brad Thor uses an expression in his novels that I like, "There are three kinds of people in the world, sheep, sheepdogs and wolves". We need more sheepdogs in the world.

Leeann Stone
Tarzan, Texas

I recently took the CHL course with Jason. I was very impressed with the facility and Jason's knowledge of the material covered. Although the material was extensive Jason made the class enjoyable and taught in a manner that made the information retainable.

I highly recommend taking the class with Jason if you're interested in obtaining your CHL. Jason took the time to help me fill out all the paperwork needed to file with the state.

I would rate the class as a AAA and was greatly impressed with Jason's passion for teaching and ensuring the protection of our west Texas citizens.

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